PETRAS – Cybersecurity of the Internet of Things

This £9.8m EPSRC grant award creates a £23m collaborative Hub for research, development, and translation for the Internet of Things, focusing on privacy, ethics, trust, reliability, acceptability, and security/safety: PETRAS — suggestive of rock-solid foundations — for the Internet of Things. The Hub will be designed and operated as an open ‘social and technological platform’. It will bring together UK academic institutions that are recognised international research leaders in this area, with users and partners from various industrial sectors, government agencies, and NGOs, to achieve a thorough understanding of these socio-technical issues in terms of the potentially conflicting interests of private individuals, companies, and political institutions; to become a world-leading centre for research, development, and innovation; and to become an established authoritative and influencing voice in this problem space.

ComPaTrIoTS call


Interview Slides v1

PETRAS Overview Feb 2016_issued


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